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There are many options

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We Support

Utah Kids Foundation

NewGenn is fully responsive and can adapt to any screen size. Resize your browser window to view it!.

Kids Are People Too Childcare

With advanced theme options, page options & extensive docs, its never been easier to customize a theme!

Children First Inc

NewGenn includes two types of slider. You can use both Flex and Elastic sliders anywhere in your site.

Autism Society Of Utah

NewGenn loves typography, you can choose from over 500+ Google Fonts and Standard Fonts to customize your site!

Recreation And Habilitation Services

Want your users to stay in touch? No problem, NewGenn has Social Media icons all throughout the them

Awareness Option Foundation Inc

NewGenn offers many different page layouts so you can quickly and easily create your pages with no hassle!

Give the Gift of Play

Your donation will go towards building a place where every kid in Utah County can just be a kid.
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